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This Spring Session Started January 19th 2015


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Next All-Star Date Feb 21st 2015

Team Championship Feb 27th 2015
Fall 2013 Allstar and
Team Championship Results

Playoff Dates for tournaments will be added above ASAP to help you plan vacations around tournaments so you won't be short players on your team to help you plan vacations in the future for Championship and All-Star dates.

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Next UPCOMING Doubles tournament date.

Play on Saturday Nov 22nd 2014

Doubles results played 4/26/14
Doubles play in Spring and Fall Sessions.

Scotch Doubles tournament information will be normally be in your envelope by week 4.


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Missouri 8 Ball Player Ratings - Spring 2015

Missouri Dart Player Ratings
- Fall  2013

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If you play in more than one Missouri League:
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Call Rusty to get a set of
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to draw players for order of play in matches.
Missouri 8 Ball Draw cards 1-5

"Missouri 8 Ball is the Largest Pool League in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

Attention: Bars that have Missouri 8 Ball teams……
These are the only people authorized to pick up team envelopes.

Leage operator.
Rusty Brandmeyer

Dustin Brandmeyer

Dustin Brandmeyer

CLICK HERE for Jay's Stories.
Jay Carlton


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